5 Ways Vaping is Making the World a Better Place

Many of the people who are into vaping were once tobacco lovers. In a bid to decrease their cigarette cravings, they made the switch. Vaping has been proven to be a healthier alternative and this has encouraged the steady rise in the market, spreading the vape culture even more.
While the anti-vaping community and the government are still ignorant of the benefits, more evidence keeps popping up showing that e-cigarettes are changing the world, making it a better place. Some of the ways vaping is helping to improve our environment and positively impact our world include:
Environmental Improvement
Though there are natural ways of growing tobacco, these methods have not been fully explored across the world. This is especially true in less developed countries that do not follow strict cultivating regulations, allowing the use of fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals. More so, some practices like deforestation and chemical pollution are very questionable and can lead to a loss of food supply and biodiversity.
Another major problem is the fact that people who smoke leave their cigarette butts everywhere; on beaches, on the sidewalk, in gardens, in playgrounds, etc.  They neglect the fact that a cigarette butt can pollute about 400 litres of water and it takes at least 10 years to decompose. The beauty of an electronic cigarette is in its ability to be recycled and reused.
Battery Innovation
Because e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices, there’s been a steady demand for rechargeable batteries in recent times. Some years ago, these were considered luxuries, but the 18650 model has gradually become affordable and widely used for different types of technology, e-cigarettes included. Though lithium-ion batteries are usually made to fit specific device requirements, we expect to see multi-purpose batteries in the near future.
Support System
It is no news that smokers often face difficulties while trying to quit. In the process, many of them experience a relapse. Though there are several nicotine hotlines to reach out to when a person relapses, they would rather remain alone.
The vaping community is filled with people who have had different struggles, and are ready to help or support each other. Your location really does not matter. With the help of the internet, you would always find someone who truly cares when you are facing a challenge.
Prison Safety
For a very long time now, most prisons in the US have been tobacco-free. The goal was to make the prisoners healthier and prevent exposure to second-hand smoking, but the results were really poor. This is one of the reasons cigarettes remain contraband in prison facilities.
These days, e-cigarettes are sold in prisons. These devices have proven to be easily controlled, do not combust, and are highly secured.
In general, reports claim a significant decrease in cigarette contraband and a friendlier environment.
The Concept of harm seems to be reduced
The general mindset is that going cold turkey is not the best option when quitting smoking. Measuring success by the number of people who quit tobacco and nicotine doesn’t encourage others who are silently making efforts to battle theirs either. Considering that vaping has the highest success rate compared to other nicotine replacement therapies, this is a whole new world and huge support for those trying to go smoke-free. E-cigarettes, unlike physical cigarettes, do not come with tobacco which is the main carcinogen in cigarettes making them the better and viable alternative.
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