Smoking is an international killer. Harvard estimates that in the next ten years, almost eight million people will have their lives cut short by tobacco-related diseases. These diseases can include anything from lung cancer to tooth decay. But giving up smoking is a difficult and stressful thing to do, so how can vaping help you? The vape escape website is jam-packed with expertise on this topic, so take a look at our top interesting facts about vaping.


Vaping is safer than smoking

Vaping is fast becoming the method of choice for those who want to quit smoking. The current scientific consensus is that using nicotine products in an e-cigarette is safer than smoking traditional cigarettes (although, we should add that the long-term effects are as yet unknown). Public Health England has stated that making the switch to an e-cigarette can reduce the harm which is associated with smoking by up to 95%. This is an incredible jump, but it isn’t widely acknowledged, with many in the public unaware of the benefits that vaping can bring. This is truly a hipster sport that is fast on the rise.


Vaping is the easy way to quit smoking

Vaping is not just a safer alternative - it is one of the most effective methods for giving up smoking. The success rates associated with using a vape to give up traditional cigarettes are much higher than older approaches. For example, recent studies show that when smokers choose to vape as a method to give up cigarettes, they are much more likely to stop, and even remain non-smokers, than those who used other methods of quitting. If you are unsure where to start, but looking to quit smoking, starter kits might be for you. Check out the variety sold on to find your perfect starter kit.


Vaping testimonials abound with success stories

What about those who have tried this method out? New vapers are often old smokers who have tried several methods of quitting and found that these just haven’t worked. Furthermore, research by the American Vaping Association also details testimonials from those who tried vaping, liked it, and then replaced their cigarettes with a vape before they had even realised it. ‘Quitting by accident’ stories abound in the vaping community and recent research has shown that the key to this success is the ability to switch flavours.


The science supports switching flavours often

A new study by Konstantinos Farsalinos and his colleagues shows that smokers switch flavours far more often than other vapers. This means that exploring is a great way to get your escape from smoking started. If you are eager to try a good range of different flavours in your e-cigarettes, starter kits might be a good solution. They include a variety of flavours to get you started, and can help get your journey away from smoking off to a successful start.


Using cigarette starter kits

So how does the vape escape work? Vaping is an easy habit to pick up and can slot into your life so quickly that you won’t even notice you have stopped smoking. The e-cig starter kit (UK) is a great place to begin. It has everything you need to get your vaping up and running and is a natural way in for a beginner. It can make choosing your first vape kit nice and simple. Then all you need to do is charge your vape, fill it up, and you are ready to go.