E cigs Cardiff - which cool new flavours or brands are worth trying out?

Vaping is becoming more common across the UK now as people begin to move away from smoking normal cigarettes. Not only does vaping give you more control over how much nicotine you take in, but it also does not contain harmful ingredients like tar which are found in traditional cigarettes. When you add in that it works out cheaper in the long term and is more socially acceptable, it is easy to see why many people are choosing to vape now. Of course, one other great thing about vaping is the cool and funky flavours the e-liquids come in. Half of the fun is working your way through the many tasty flavours out there to find one that rocks your boat. With new brands and flavours coming out all the time, it is always worth keeping an eye on what is happening. If you have just purchased one of the many e cigarettes starter kits out there, the below are some of the latest choices around to consider.


Fruit Freeze

Fruit flavoured e-liquid has always been very popular with a wide range of vapers. They certainly taste a lot better than traditional cigarettes anyway! If you want to try out this sort of e-liquid or are looking for new kicks on the theme, Fruit Freeze could be for you. Available in Orange, Mango, Grape or Apple, they taste divine and give a long-lasting flavour in the mouth. Coming in 50ml bottles, there is also a menthol undernote in there to provide total refreshment.


Posh Puddings

This premium brand is great if you have a sweet tooth! Coming in 50ml with 0mg of nicotine included, you can enjoy it however you like. Take it as it comes for a wonderfully decadent experience or add a nicotine shot yourself for more fun. This range comes in tried and tested flavours that we all love, from key lime pie to salted caramel. With a rich flavour profile in each and a truly satisfying hit with every vape, this is set to blow your socks off.


Mental Ones

Another brilliant range for new vapers and old is Mental Ones e-liquid. As the name suggests, this range delivers an intense blast of flavour when used and are perfect for everyday vaping. Once more they come in 50ml bottle with 0mg of nicotine pre-mixed for complete versatility. We love the 'The Mental One' choice best for the crazy sensations it delivers but peppermint and spearmint are pretty cool too. If you fancy getting into your mint style vaping more, this is the pick for you.



Tapping into the hip feel found in vaping is this brand. It is worth considering for the unusual flavours it boasts such as Sour Raspberry or Lemon & Cherry. As you can imagine, these give a fruity hit but with a real sour twist for extra fun. Don't worry though - they still taste amazing! These are superb vapes for when you fancy something different or are having friends over. Made in the UK, they deliver awesome value for money with a satisfying hit and aroma. The packaging also looks great on your shelf too!


The Vape Escape - e cigs Cardiff

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