If you are a newbie in the world of vaping, you may be unfamiliar with vape mods. Vape mods are large, sophisticated e-cigarettes that are developed when vape enthusiasts began modifying their e-cigarettes to improve their capabilities. To get on trend, manufacturers mass-produced these modified vapes or vape mods, making them widely available and now come in a range of sizes and designs. Now that you have learned about the basics of vape mods, we will now move on to its features. If you’re thinking of upgrading your vaping experience, continue reading to find out how to choose a vape mod that suits you.


Power Range or Variable Wattage

Most types of mods allow you to adjust the wattage that goes to your atomizer. When choosing a mod, the range of power settings is one of the things to consider. Getting a vape mod with a wide range is preferable, although most vapers don’t necessarily need high wattage. For those who require an adequate amount of vape, anything 80 watts and below will be sufficient. Meanwhile, if low-wattage doesn’t work for you and you want to produce big clouds, you will need to choose a device with increased power.

Temperature Control

The temperature control lets you set a particular temperature for your vaping instead of the wattage. This feature helps you to avoid dry puffs or a burnt unappetising flavour, giving you a pleasant vaping experience. There are different ranges of temperature available depending on the mod, so make sure to check, before buying. Pro tip: When using temperature control, adjust the starting wattage to your preference. If you want to have a harder hit, you need to increase the power. For a softer hit, just set it at a minimum wattage. However, do take note that some devices have a fixed wattage so they can’t be adjusted.


Since mods are big and bulky which is unattractive to some vapers. However, there are portable mods available now. The only downside with portable mods are the batteries. Unlike large mods that have big batteries that can last for a day, compact-sized mods cannot supply sufficient power for long periods of vaping.

Ease of Use

Mods are more complicated than basic types of e-cigarettes. These devices contain buttons that allow you to adjust the settings as well as a display screen for easy use. When changing your settings, some devices require you to enter the menu system to switch modes whilst others only need a simple button press.


There are two types of battery used in mods, emovable and built-in. If your mod has a removable battery, you can just bring a spare battery whenever you are out of the house. Mods with built-in batteries, on the other hand, can be plugged into the USB cable. Aside from deciding what type of battery to use, another important aspect to check is the battery capacity. This tells you how much battery power you can get out of each charge. The more milli-ampere hours (mAh), the better.

Safety Features

Most mods have built-in safety features to ensure you are safe when vaping, like automatic cut-off for long puffs, short circuit protection, low resistance protection, overheating protection, low battery protection and overcharging protection. Other mods are also password-protected so they won’t work unless you provide the code. This is especially beneficial to those who have children. The Vape Escape offers you the latest and best vaping products at very competitive prices. We are committed to providing you with the best advice and vaping solutions based on your needs. Shop around our wide range of products or send us your enquiries at info@thevapeescape.co.uk.