The top 3 vape tricks for beginners

Here at the Vape Escape we want to help you start your vaping journey. We provide a wide range of e cigarettes starter kits. These allow you to choose the right vape for you and try a wide range of different flavours. Now you have your kit you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the great flavours. However, if you want to impress your friends or make some great videos for Instagram, then try learning a few tricks. Thanks to the large amount of vapour produced, you can manipulate the clouds to pull off some clever effects. Here are the top 3 tricks to get you started.

The waterfall

Get a small plastic bottle with some frozen water at the bottom. Slowly exhale your vapour into the bottle, pour it out and it will give the effect of looking like a magical waterfall.

The Dragon

This is a simple trick that takes very little practice. Take a long hit and hold the vape in your throat, rather than inhaling into your lungs. Hold the middle of your top and bottom lips together and then exhale through the sides of your mouth and your nostrils at the same time. This will make you look like an angry dragon blowing out smoke.

The mushroom cloud

Pulling off a mushroom cloud is a little trickier and will take practice. Inhale a big hit into your mouth and let it linger there for a few seconds. Instead of breathing it out, which will create a normal cloud, use your tongue to push the ball out. Flick your tongue gently so the ball comes out with a greater density. When this occurs quickly follow the ball and inhale it back into your mouth. You can get all your vaping supplies at thevapeescape.co.uk