It’s a well-known fact that smoking cigarettes can be damaging to your health but what about the results it can do to the environment? Second-hand smoke not only affects those around you but also negatively impacts the planet. Additionally, the cigarette butts end up being tossed everywhere, in our parks to the oceans around the world. This raises the question if vaping is more sustainable and eco-friendly compared to the traditional cigarettes. Let us look at the facts.


Vaping helps reduce toxic litter

Because of the synthetic chemicals that a cigarette has, it brings more harm to other people. The sheer amount of cigarette butts discarded by smokers can take years to decompose. Tons of this toxic, non-biodegradable material ends up in the oceans and consequently in the stomachs of unsuspecting animals that mistake it for food. Studies show that when these are ingested, it can cause a number of ill effects such as tremors, vomiting and respiratory failure, and can even be fatal. These cigarette butts are the most common type of litter found in many of our public spaces. Aside from being an eyesore, they are also said to leach dangerous chemicals into the environment. The good news is that vaping requires no filters that can be littered. Most of the vapes available today are reusable and refillable, so there is very little waste produced. Compared to smoking tobacco cigarettes, it seems logical that vaping is the more eco-friendly alternative.


No second-hand smoke

By now we are all aware of the dangers of second-hand smoke. According to studies, tobacco cigarettes produce over 7000 chemicals when lit, and this includes carcinogens, toxic metals and poisonous gases. Though our immediate concern is the people around us who are likely to breathe in these toxins, it also poses a threat to the environment because of the dangerous chemicals that ultimately make their way to the atmosphere and degrading the quality of our air. Vaping, on the other hand, produces relatively less harmful chemicals when used and are proven to have lower concentrations of carcinogens compared to the traditional tobacco cigarettes. Because the vapour from vapes is mostly just water and nicotine gas, you are more likely to reduce your carbon footprint and help keep the atmosphere unpolluted.


Vaping doesn’t rely on unsustainable farming practices

The fact that vapes don’t use tobacco already provides a huge benefit to the environment. Massive tobacco farms are known to damage native ecosystems and cause pollution through the use of chemicals and fertilizers that make their way to the soil. Because of the huge demand for tobacco products, more farms are needed. To make way for these farms, forests and woodlands are destroyed, causing widespread deforestation. With the use of vapes, we are helping reduce the demand for cigarettes and other tobacco products which can eventually diminish the need of having unsustainable tobacco farms that rely on irresponsible agricultural practices. If you are a smoker and are considering the sustainability of your habit, it is time to think about finding an alternative that is less harmful to the environment. If you have switched from smoking cigarettes to vaping, you have already made a more eco-friendly choice. At Vape Escape, we are conscious of how our actions affect our planet, and we encourage every smoker to make the switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. If you have considered vaping, we have the perfect kits for beginners. Visit our store today, or if you have any questions call us on 01443 223167 or send us a message at