Why you should ditch the cigarettes and try vaping

There is still debate over the long term health effects of vaping. However, one thing that we know so far is that vaping appears to be considerably less dangerous than smoking. If you are still smoking cigarettes, then now is the time to quit. There are many reasons that more and more smokers are trying vaping and giving up cigarettes for good, these aren't only health-related – vaping beats smoking in many ways. Here are several reasons to consider our range of e-cig starter kits and make the switch.


Smoking stinks... like, really stinks

Many smokers fail to realise just how much cigarettes smell. When you smoke regularly, you become accustomed to the smell of cigarettes and even though you may think the smoke smell has worn off from your clothes, hands, face, and hair, it is likely that it hasn't. No matter how hard you try to cover up the smell of cigarette smoke, it always finds a way to cling to you and all of your belongings. As soon as you give up smoking, you will start to notice how much cigarettes smell, and likely find it very offputting. The great thing about vaping is you can replicate the sensation of smoking and instead of filling a room with the smell of cigarette smoke, you can fill it full of bakery smells!


Smoking is stupidly expensive

If you currently smoke, you'll be aware of how much the cost of cigarettes has gone up in recent years. What's more, packs of 20 cigarettes have now become packs of 17, 18 or 19, and probably cost close to triple of what they did when you first started smoking. Although switching to vaping may require a bit of an investment in the first instance, the money you will save in the long-run is staggering. Once you have your e-cig starter kit, you will only need to buy liquid and coils, which cost considerably less than cigarettes. You can even put the money you save aside and treat yourself to something that you've always been able to afford because of your smoking habit.


It's the closest thing to smoking you'll find

If you are wanting to give up smoking, vaping is undoubtedly the closest thing that replicates smoking. Although you may try nicotine patches or gum, smoking addiction is also very much psychological. Therefore, although you'll be getting nicotine in your body with nicotine replacements, you may struggle not having the physical sensations relating to smoking like inhaling and exhaling, holding something in your hand, or putting something in your mouth. Vaping is also a good way to quit nicotine for good as it allows you to lower the strength of e-liquid that you vape over time, making the addiction easier to break. Many smokers can find the transition to vaping fairly effortless.


It doesn't include the chemicals found in cigarettes

There are approximately 7,000 chemicals in a cigarette - let that sink in for a moment. 7,000 chemicals aside from nicotine! Around 70 of the chemicals in cigarettes are known to cause cancer, and a number of these are also toxic. Believe it or not, cigarette smoke contains both arsenic and hydrogen cyanide, chemicals that are both known as poisonous to humans. Although the number of chemicals in e-cig vapour is still being researched, so far it appears that there are considerably less harmful chemicals in this substance.


Want to make the switch to vape and escape cigarettes?

At Vape Escape, we sell a variety of e-cigarette start kits. So, if you're looking to vape in Cardiff or Newport, then why not come in and give it a try? You can also buy e-cig starter kits if you are located in other areas of the UK on our website.