Probably one of the most difficult vices to quit is smoking. It takes a lot of willpower and determination to do it successfully. Some would try using conventional nicotine replacement therapies such as patches, lozenges and gums, but there’s really no guarantee that these could work. One of the popular ways that smokers do to get rid of their cigarette smoking habit is through vaping. Well, why not? There are studies that show that smokers who switched to vaping have over 60% chance of remaining smoke-free for a long-term rather than those who opted for the conventional therapies. While there may be notions that vaping is just the same as smoking, it is good to point out that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. It is because the e-liquids in vaping devices do not really contain disgusting tar and toxins that traditional cigarettes have. The vape juice is actually made up of ingredients which are guaranteed safe for human consumption. These are propylene glycol (usually found in iced teas, salad dressings and packaged frostings), vegetable glycerin (often used as a sweetener in beverages and items in the bakeshop), and the e-juice flavourings. Here are some tips to help you transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping as easy as possible:


1. Planning It is important to plan out your transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping. Find out which products are a good fit for you and which one can meet your budget. Look for vaping kit that’s just appropriate for you and your budget.


2. Flavors Transitioning from cigarettes to vaping creates an opportunity to assess your craving for nicotine. It would help your switching process if you can find your favourite flavour and e-liquid. Familiarise yourself with the flavours of e-liquid as knowing which flavour satisfies you will certainly help soothe your cravings for nicotine while doing away with the unwanted cigarettes.


3. Choose a date You’ve got to decide which date you will quit smoking. This will help you in preparing yourself for the upcoming change mentally, physically, and financially. Once you have chosen the date, you can try tapering your tobacco consumption and substitute vaping for those times you are so much inching to smoke again.


4. Keep track of your funds It would also help if you track the money you can save from buying cigarettes to purchasing the vaping equipment and flavours. While it may be expensive at the start since you need to buy the hardware and the flavours, but in the long run you will realise that you have even saved a lot in your budget since you don’t need to buy heavily taxed cigarettes anymore every now and then


. 5. Strong support Make sure you have a strong support network when you decide to quit smoking. Let your family and friends know that you have decided to finally quit smoking so they can support you in your journey. Additionally, you can also join an online vaping community to share stories with other members who have also struggled the same way as you when it comes to quitting smoking. While each story is different from the other, there is still no doubt that vaping can be an excellent tool in helping you quit smoking cigarettes. However, you have to make sure that you get your nicotine levels right before you choose the e-juice and flavour for you. First-time vapers would need to have more nicotine and then gradually lessen it until you become dependent on your vape kit. These helpful tips will surely make your transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping as smooth as possible.