It's Vaping Awareness month and here's your 5 step plan to quit smoking.

STEP 1: Understanding your smoking habits

Understanding your smoking habits, lifestyle choices and health goals is essential information for healthcare professionals, stop-smoking and vape specialists to give you customised advice on the best course of action to quit smoking. This advice includes the types of vape devices, flavours and nicotine strengths, as well as other quitting methods to potentially use alongside vaping.


STEP 2: Types of vape devices

Types of devices

Seeking advice on the right type of vape device is critical. It’s important that your choice of device is easy to use, satisfies your cravings and fits with your daily routine.

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STEP 3: Nicotine levels

The required nicotine strength level in vape devices will largely depend on your smoking frequency and what brand of cigarette you smoke. It will also be shaped by your goals and whether you want to quit tobacco or quit tobacco and nicotine. You should look to adjust the strength of nicotine if it’s either not satisfying your craving or is too strong and you’re experiencing headaches.

Nicotine levels

These suggested nicotine levels are for guidance. As with e-cigarette devices, advice on the right level of nicotine concentration is critical. It is important to ensure that your nicotine intake closely mirrors the same level delivered when smoking.


STEP 4: Know your flavour options

Flavours play a key role in supporting smokers to quit and stay quit. All vapers who have switched from smoking are different and you should be open to trying different flavours. This is part of your quitting journey.

According to Action on Smoking & Health, in 2021 the most popular flavours were:

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STEP 5: Remember, every cigarette not smoked is a win

Don’t worry if you don’t feel that you are making as good progress with transitioning from smoking to vaping as you had hoped for. Everyone is different and it doesn’t happen overnight. Don’t be tempted to give up vaping if your body has an initial reaction such as a craving for more nicotine or experiencing headaches. It might be as simple as needing to tweak the nicotine concentration up or down.

Just knock out one cigarette at a time and take as long as it takes – it’s not a race to the end. We know stopping smoking isn’t easy.

The key to success is being ready to make the change. If you’re already unwell with an illness that smoking makes worse, this might be the right time.

Planning is key. Using the right products (it may be an e-cigarette, or a combination of vaping and nicotine replacement, such as a patch) and getting regular support (digital via the Smoke-Free app or face to face via your local Stop Smoking Service or vape store specialist) makes all the difference.

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