It's a no-brainer that smoking is bad for your health. It's been all over the ads and pack labels. But you can't just waste a day without your daily dose of nicotine, and just one puff makes you question if quitting will make a difference at all. You might think that since the damage has been done, it is better to go all the way and support your desire. So before we tell you the option to transition into vaping, we want to tell you the benefits that your body will receive once you quit smoking.


Your heart will immediately benefit from the effects of quitting after just 20 minutes. Your blood pressure and heart rate will drop and return to normal. After a few days, your blood becomes thinner and the formation of blood clot lessens. However, it would take years before your body will heal itself from the damage the cigarette toxins caused in your arteries and blood vessels. The number of fats flowing in your bloodstream will also lessen and this will result in a significant decrease in your risk of having a heart attack and stroke.



The nicotine receptors in your brain start to normalise after a month of quitting, thus breaking the addiction and rewiring the brain to prevent craving. After 3 days, you might experience some nicotine withdrawal which will result in irritability and mood swings. You have to keep at it since these are just initial reactions of your body and brain while readjusting.



Quitting can also improve your skin condition. Your skin will clear up and your blemishes will disappear. You'll develop a healthy complexion as your skin is not being hindered by the toxins to detoxify and prevent premature ageing.


Eyes and Ears

The moment you stop smoking, your hearing will improve and get sharp. There will also be a less chance of hearing loss. Your vision will also improve.


Bones and Muscles

Now that you have quit smoking, the oxygen level in your body will increase. Because of this, more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles, making them stronger. Risk of fractures will also lessen later in life.



Most of the time, our teeth give us away since it's the first thing that people notice when we smile. People can immediately tell if you're a smoker when you have yellow-stained teeth. If you stop smoking, you will see that the yellow stains will fade and your breath will not smell as bad as when you are smoking.



Emphysema can develop if you do not stop smoking, and you do not want this to happen. After 9 months of quitting, your lungs have healed considerably, and your cilia, the hair-like projections that help filter out debris, will start to grow again.



Another great thing that will happen if you quit smoking is the repair of your DNA. Quitting prevents further damage to your DNA and whatever damage that was done to your body by smoking will slowly heal. These are some of the body changes and improvements that will transpire in your body once you stop smoking. If you are still struggling with trying to quit smoking, there are different ways that promote quitting. Some people opt to try nicotine replacement therapy by using nicotine patches and gum. However, the most effective method used by ex-smokers is by using an e-cigarette. Vaping will help you transition from smoking to quitting. The Vape Escape can help you make the big switch! We've got the perfect kits containing cool Mods, coils, mouthpiece, cables and manuals to get you started. Pop into our store today to get your first electronic cigarette and join our growing vaping community. We offer premium quality products and are partnered with different vaping industries to give you the best service we can offer. For any questions and or concerns, you may call us at 01443 223167 or send us a message at We will be happy to assist you.