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1 Random Coil

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The Sailing 8-in-1 Kanthal Coil Prebuilt Set are pre-coiled exotic setup that eliminates the time consuming hassle of wire configurations and the convenience of different types of heating elements and sizes.

1 of the below will be sent out at random;

Mix Twisted Coil, resistance is 0.45ohm;
Hive Coils, resistance is 0.5ohm;
Tiger Coils, resistance is 0.36ohm;
Clapton Coils, resistance is 0.85ohm;
Quad Coils, resistance is 0.36ohm.
Fused Clapton coils, resistance is 0.45ohm.
Alien Clapton coils, resistance is 0.45ohm.
Flat Twisted coils, resistance is 0.36ohm.

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