Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking, a point that we’ve well established already. However, first-timers are always at risk of the odd vaping mistake. Making these mistakes could severely dampen your experience of vaping, which means you are less likely to want to continue doing it and could return to smoking. It will take some time to get used to this alternative, but by avoiding these 5 common vaping mistakes you’ll be kissing those cigarettes goodbye for good.


Buying the wrong device Buying the wrong vaping device could end in disaster. If you opt for something too cheap, the quality of the device will likely be significantly compromised, with an increased possibility of malfunction. The flavour of the e-liquid could be affected, or it could leak from the device entirely. Now, we’re not suggesting that you go out and buy the most expensive e-cigarette on the market, but investing in a quality piece of kit will help the transition from smoking to vaping go much smoother.


A good quality vaping shop will offer a great range of devices based on your vaping level, which will include starter kits. Choosing the wrong liquid There are two types of e-liquid that all vapours must be aware of. Propylene Glycol is a thinner liquid, which means that less gunk will form around the heating element of your vaporiser. It also produces a throat hit closer to that of traditional cigarettes. Vegetable glycol produces much more vapour, with a slightly sweeter taste, so if you’re looking for the impact this is a good way to go. 100% of either e-liquid may be too intense, to begin with, so consult with an expert to help find a combination of the two that suits you best. E-liquids also come in a range of flavours, and while it’s great to experiment with, it might be worth sticking with something a little more traditional to ease you into it.


Poor coil maintenance The heating coil is possibly the most critical part of your e-cigarette, but it’s important to remember that they don’t last forever. Average usage will require a replacement every couple of weeks. Failing to replace the coil will hinder the vapour production, and impact the flavour of your e-liquid. Luckily, coils are cheap and easy to replace, just be sure to have an expert demonstrate exactly what you need to do when a new coil is needed. Incorrect use There are multiple ways to use an e-cigarette incorrectly which could significantly impact your overall experience. If vaping is your stop-smoking solution, then be sure to know that you have the correct nicotine level in your liquid. Too much could have adverse side-effects like headaches and nausea, too little and you won’t be getting the same hit as you would from smoking.


For the best possible hit, inhale softly and slowly, and breathe out. This will also help create a better vapour cloud. Charge your e-cigarette regularly, and be sure to switch it off when not in use to ensure longevity. An e-cig is an electronic device, therefore failing to switch it off when in your bag or pocket could lead to battery damage, leakage, or potential accidents. Failing to uphold vaping etiquette Even though vaping is more widely accepted in public, there are still a few standard etiquette rules to keep in mind. Don’t be overzealous with public vaping, the vapour cloud tends to be bigger, and people may not appreciate it being blown in their direction.


Check with the establishment owners before vaping, and always be aware of smoke alarm sensitivity on public transport. The Vape Escape cares about the vaping community, which is why we’re on hand to help first-time vapers make the most of their vaping experience. Pop into our store today, or visit our website to view our range of starter kits, accessories, and e-liquids.