Vaping has been gaining popularity since it had been introduced to the market. In fact, more smokers are jumping ship and are trying to board this new and healthier trend, claiming that it is the lesser evil as compared to smoking. Studies on the vapour produced from vaping suggest there is a significant difference between the number of carcinogens found compared to cigarette smoke, which contains over 20+ chemicals.

Much has been said about vaping, but only a few really know the proper etiquette when vaping. And if you’re curious about the vaping etiquette, read on to know how to be in the polite society:

1. Ask before you vape.

This goes without saying especially when you vape in public. When you go to a particular place, it would be best to ask permission to vape first rather than doing it as you pleased. Some people in that area may not be comfortable with people vaping. There are places designated for vaping so it’s better to just go there if you really want to vape. There is no risk of passive vaping, but it’s going to antagonize people if you vape in places where it is not allowed. A simple query can help with that.

2. Stealth vaping must depend on situations

Some vapers engage in ‘stealth vaping’ where they keep their equipment hidden and hold the vapour in longer than usual so it’s less visible when exhaled. This is problematic. If the aim is to deceive people then don’t do it – it’s likely you’ll get caught, and only serves to damage our reputation. However, if the aim is to remain low key in a place where vaping is acceptable, this is fine.

3. Don’t blow clouds on people’s faces

This is a no-no. Even vapers get annoyed when other vapers do this. It’s not as irritating and as harmful as blowing smoke but it is still displeasing. It’s usually not hard to blow vapour towards an area where there are no people. Just give a little courtesy to the people around you or the person you are talking to.

4. Vape snobbery

Some vapers do look down on other vapers because of the size or specifications of their device. If you are using a custom-made one-off steam-punk mechanical mod, you may find it hard to understand why someone else prefers to use a cigar-like. But I believe the device that people need depends on them, their preferences, their experiences and their technical ability.

5. Attacking smokers

To each his own and this also applies to vaping. Just because you are into vaping and the others do not, it doesn’t make you a god among smokers. Don’t look down on smokers just because you are into electronic cigarettes. Smokers have the right to make their own choices.

6. Don’t use other people’s Vape.

This one is pretty obvious. If you don’t have a vape, then don’t vape. This is also for hygienic purposes. Or if you are really close to the person vaping and you really want to vape, then ask permission first. It’s only polite to ask if you can use someone’s e-cigarette before picking it up and taking a puff.

7. Cloud Chasing

Blowing huge clouds of vaper can be intimidating for non-vapers. In fact, some cloud chasers avoid doing it in public. On the other hand, don’t we have the right to do what we want when it doesn’t hurt other people? If you really like blowing clouds, then perhaps you can do it in a place where there aren’t too many people.