E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular with the younger generation in Wales.  One major benefit of making the switch to vaping is that it doesn't currently fall under the remit of the smoke-free regulations which are in place throughout the UK. The quit smoking pressure group ASH conducts regular research into young people and smoking,  you can find out more on their website (insert link: https://ash.wales/campaign/electronic-cigarettes/)


 e-cigs and smoking for the younger generation in Wales 

The Welsh Assembly made an attempt to cut the use of e-cigs and other nicotine inhaling devices in enclosed public areas in 2015, however, this proposed public health bill failed due to a lack of support. Young people in Wales are very aware of e-cigs, over 90% of the people surveyed said they knew what they were. Heightened awareness was due to seeing e-cigs used by friends and acquaintances, retailer ads and information on social media and other internet sources. On the whole, users of e-cigs in Wales tend to be previous smokers and people who currently smoke tobacco cigarettes. Only 11% of consumers who had never smoked in the past had tried e-cigs. A large number of young people reported they had used e-cigs and tobacco at some point, and 90% of these had used tobacco cigarettes.


Can e-cigs help people to stop smoking? 

E-cigs provide an effective solution for people who are trying to give up smoking. People who used both tobacco cigarettes and e-cigs reported that they smoked around 25% less cigarettes as a result. Furthermore, almost 35% of dual users managed to quit smoking entirely. If you are searching for e-cigarettes starter kits, take time to browse the Vape Escape website and see why we're number one for vape in Cardiff, Newport and the surrounding areas.